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283:TheBadSexBet, authored by MofenyiMalepe, is a tale of how a man openly speaks about his sexcapades and a bet he took during his years as a young strong lad – the first Impala boy . In the 283: The Bad Sex Bet Mofenyi openly acknowledges his mistakes and advices that sometimes the things we do in our past do come back to haunt us in the present. The book will leave you yearning for more but also it aims at educating old school fathers and to breed new school fathers.

MofenyMalepo explicitly expose His philander initiated by a bet to bed 250 girls/woman in a year from having sex orgy with married women and cougars, sisters and friends, three soms , sex at the graveyard , highways and hospital basements , Mofenyi declared himself as the God of “Panja” as he calls it .While reading the book one is sexual aroused and left with much to the imagination. 283: The Bad Sex Bet encourages communication manual for parents to talk to their children and couples to talk about sex. The book is erotically explicit – Mofenyi describe in details every sexual encounter he had with these women.

The idea was to traditional highlight some extracts in the book but we found it hard to select just one because they are many encounters that are just so stimulating and enticing one finds it hard to pick .Get yourself the book and read for yourself and pick your own favorite scenes.

MAM caught up with Mofenyi for a small chat and to ask a few important questions. Fortunately he did not delay – showcasing that he has his focused on the most important things – this time around not chasing after women but building his career.

Book Title: 283: The Bad Sex Bet

Author: MofenyiMalepe

Edited by: MafediSelepe and Reuben Malema

Book Launch: 21 November 2014

Published: KOMA publishing

Twitter @283thebadsexbet

Facebook: 283:The Bad sex Bet




Describe your writing style and the genre of you book.

Come of age, Progressively Africanand brutally futuristic


The significance of number 283.

She is the Woman who bore me Heir to the throne, my One and only Son.

Lows and highs of getting the book published.

The lows will be not having a stringent publishing house hierarchy, from the Editors to proof readers but we made do as Team 283. The highs I guess will have to see all of us seeing our Work out there for the public to bite something out of, the challenges I would say the reluctance of established bookstores wanting you to come with their distributors and eventually when you corner them with your sterling work and the high demand, they in turn corner you by wanting mark up slightly equal to yours-sad.

You had to deal with editors and publishers. Is this letter/book as raw as it comes or some information had to be omitted or edited out?

I have an Editor who understands that I didn’t sugar coat, altered yes we did on some things but it comes as raw as I dislike it myself.

Many writers write , speakers speak and producers produce dramas/films (example, YizoYizo ) but information gets misinterpreted and distorted or unintended opposite action are carried out as opposed to what the book wanted to achieve. Are you not somehow afraid that temptation might just get an upgrade just by mere reading your book?

I think towards the last pages one gets a Divine sense that, there is no need to upgrade the temptations, I think even if it was TD Jakes or Bishop Mosa Sono who wrote about the beauty of purity, others would just want to be curious and de purify the talk of purity for JUST THAT. I ran the risk of saving few and killing many but I pray I did it the other way.

You attracted people of your kind – sexually obsessed people. Do you think you had/have some hypnotic natural sexual aura that was just waiting to be unleashed when you went to varsity or you found yourself in the right place at the right time making the right moves or you were simply pressured by the bet?

We are all sexual beings, God granted but it would be wrong to class people I had encounters with. To nutshell it, I was just under a spell that many are under, the devil of lust is pretty strong if you are not well prepared morally.

Your advice comes in a form of a rather erotic book. South Africa as a developing country thenew-generation is extremely sexual active and the situation is uncontrollable (level of HIV/AIDS, Teenage pregnancy etc.) – and given the fact that when one reads you book gets sexually aroused and that can cloud the judgment of a lot of *weak people,coupled with the general notion that most people do not read, do you think writing a book can triumph in remedying this situation or writing a book is enough?

We can write as many books as we wish and want, but if people do not want to take what they read seriously, then there is nothing a mere you and I could do, it is just a case of one chiding themselves to not be involved in other things. One must bet his/her boots on the bone that, if it means being alone, I won’t rush into the dangers of sexual activities and

Why advice married people? Your take on marriage and the important of sex for married people?

It is a pity it comes out like a Lion is dancing to songs meant only for Elephant ears and feet because I am not married. I think marriage is sacred and wonderful, and should be highly rated. Sex is God ordained, one was requested in ancient times to spend the whole year with his wife engaging in sex after getting married, so clearly sex is very important, married people must not even now live in BC huts, they must make sex in marriage fashionable.

Is sex is spiritual or a mere physical activity?

Both, but it starts with the realm of spirit, when the soul doesn’t give into it,the body won’t be a lone negotiator.

Where you trying to also prove that women love sex as much as men do?

I was telling the truth. I spoke the truth the best way I know it. I was not trying to prove anything, but laying bare the truth of sexual blindness.

You sound like you know your bible very well in your book and you used scriptures to justify your sadistic sexual behavior. What’s your favorite bible scripture?

There is plenty, and yesterday I was reading the book of Proverbs, and took in Proverbs 31: 1-9. 283: The Bad Sex Bet is the second Bible but I still put the First Holy book in front and try to understand fully the teachings and wisdom jotted in there.



Favorite sex position

Ask me when I am married

Favorite condom brand

Condoms promote promiscuity/ Hehehehehe

Yellow bones or Black beauty

She must just have her heart in the right place

Favorite author and or book

There are few that I love, but top of them has to be Niq Mhlongo, his book “Way Back Home” was just a work of genius, utterly out of this planet, unbelievable crafted.

One thing you cannot leave the house without?

Answer: My phone. My work and speed dials are all in there.

Any other projects, book or letter in the pipeline?

We are busy with the film script, more an adaptation of the first book, with the sequel set for release same date the film premieres. Oh, do check out my www.phahamiso.com


The End.

Thank You.