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AKA’s Family Distance Themselves From Upcoming Book

Tony and Lynn Forbes have distanced themselves from an upcoming book about their late son.

Titled When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele, the book seeks to explore the story of the late stars’ relationship and how it ended in tragedy.

The Forbes family said Melinda Ferguson approached them with the book idea, but they turned the offer down and refused to contribute to the book.

The family issued a media statement on Monday, saying they were not associated in any way with the book and do not endorse it.

 “We are not in any way associated with Melinda Ferguson’s book and we do not endorse it. We distance ourselves from the contents of the book. When Melinda reached out to us we respectfully and rightfully declined to contribute to her book.

“When Melinda reached out to us, we respectfully and rightfully declined to contribute to her book.

At this stage, we cannot give any further comment on the book as we are unaware of its contents. We do however find the intended publication of the book and the timing distasteful and opportunistic,” read the statement

Melinda Ferguson wrote on here Facebook post and that said a leak had forced her to go public about the release of the book despite her intention to keep it under wraps until the last minute and she had received a lot of criticism.

“I wrote this book in an attempt to try to understand a story about two people who fell down a rabbit hole of toxic love. Something kept driving me to keep on in search of some kind of truth about what happened and why they were now both dead,” she wrote.

“I have been through my own kind of hell in my life as an addict and as someone who has embarked on dangerous and obsessive relationships. Their story spoke to me. It broke my heart,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said the book will be in store on Wednesday and will retail for R320 and an online conversation is set to take place.

Ferguson has written books like ‘The Kelly Khumalo Story’ and co-wrote ‘Oscar: An accident waiting to happen’ with Patricia Taylor.

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