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Beef or no beef, yes to the music


Beef or no beef, yes to the music

It is said that animosity or “beef” as it’s affectionately called forms an integral part of Hip Hop culture. Doing a mini inspection of this, I have no choice but to agree, Hip Hop legends thrived on beef and entertained the crowds by making diss tracks which voiced their views.

Beef stems from as long as the times of Tupac and Biggie, and although I was way too young to have enjoyed this at that time, the music released during this period by the two speaks volumes of the feud between them. At the forefront of everything though, lies the making of music, which is what we as fans need.

Onto more current news, everyone knows that Cassper Nyovest and AKA bump heads all the time, twaring, subtweeting each other and just causing online chaos. Fans are also divided and camps exist in this matter.  Cassper and AKA are big commercial Hip Hop artists in South Africa right now, and one can’t avoid them or their music for that matter. My problem with their “beef” is that it deviates a lot from the beef we know and love in Hip Hop music. These two artists take their frustrations and voice their views on twitter and in interviews on other forms of mass media. Yet, no music is being fed to the masses on this matter. I feel the need to remind them that they are musicians, their core practice is music. Even Drake and Meek mill took to the studio to address their differences.

I am not pro- beef, I am pro music. As a music lover and a cheerleader of growth and competiveness in our music industry in South Africa and music in general, I feel the need to address this issue, more music needs to be put out, whether because of beef, or any other forms of inspiration. Diss tracks from Cassper and AKA  would be good for the music scene, the drama would reach a whole new level and be immortalised in sound.  The tracks would also result in revenue for both artists. We all know revenue is always a good motivation.

Hip Hop artists in and around Limpopo, and those in South Africa in general, we need more music. Do not sacrifice on the standard of your craft to give off music though, always ensure that it’s of the highest standard you know of. I believe no one wants to listen to badly produced, composed and mixed tracks in this day and age. We do however, want more music, beef or no beef.