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Boy Mamabolo and Family Take Legal Action Against Wife’s Cousin

United Family : Boy Mmabolo and his wife Khomotso – Pic Facebook

ANC Member of Parliament, Boy Mamabolo, took to social media to issue a statement to inform the public that he has taken legal action against his wife’s cousin.

Boy Mamabolo’s family feud has become a matter of public interest, prompting Mamabolo and his family to sue his wife’s cousin.

A few days ago, an audio clip resurfaced and trended on social media where a woman can be heard addressing Mamabolo in a harsh manner.

In the audio clip, a woman referred to as Sesi Bella can be heard hurling insults and accusing Mamabolo of abusing and cheating on his wife with young girls.

She also alleges that Mamabalo is hated by the community and that he is a hypocrite neglecting parental duties. She further says that Mmabolo is orchestrating to separate her sister from the family.

 Listen here:

Boy Mamabolo’s wife, Khomotso, responded to her cousin’s voice note and refuted all the allegations of abuse, stating that Boy is not abusing her and has not neglected his parental responsibilities. She claims that her sister is attempting to destroy her marriage.

Listen here:

The Seshego-born politician and chairperson of the Boy Mamabolo Foundation has instructed his lawyers to issue a letter of demand on behalf of his mother, himself, and his wife.

“The allegations on the voice note, if not challenged, will remain true. We have, therefore, decided to sue my wife’s cousin, who is not even a blood sister, for every word she said on the voice note,” said Mamabolo.

“Lot Letimola Ramusi Attorney has already issued a letter of demand on Tuesday, 30th Jan, on behalf of my mother, myself, and the wife regarding abuse, hatred, no medical aid, witchcraft, and hypnotizing allegations. We have demanded not less than R100k on each allegation and a public apology,” added Mamabolo.

He also said that Sama William Kovani Attorneys had yesterday also issued out another letter of demand on behalf of the Boy Mamabolo Foundation, which annually spends over R1 million rands for TV and radio advertisements, schools challenge, soccer kits, and tournaments through donor funds.

“The voice note insults, specifically on allegations that the Foundation Chairperson is broke, carless, and homeless, will scare the donors away. The Foundation seeks NO apology from the accuser as the allegations are harmful and irreparable.”

The Foundation will instead sue an amount of R1 million Rands, if unable to be raised, they will go for her property, salary, pension and later apply for her sequestration at the High Court,” said Mamabolo.


Mamabolo said the Mamabolo family, and his siblings will go through their own law firm later to sue for trauma and the 14th of September 2014 gunshot which she mentioned on the voice note.

 “The gunshot issue took us many years to recover from and now it has been brought again,” he said.

“The family will also sue not less than R500k for false accusations that they hate me. My father’s side (Moja family) and my friends are also considering other avenues to bring her to book.

Mamabolo said the intention for this was to teach others a lesson not to character assassinate other people because of anger and hate.

“This will serve as a lesson to many that anger, and hatred can get you into trouble; remember she is the 2nd member of my wife’s family who tried to bring our marriage down, and her move was long orchestrated,” concluded Mamabolo.

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