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Dalom Kids Clears Master KG Over Keneilwe Rework

Dalom Music has clarified the situation regarding Master KG and the confusion surrounding the remake of Keneilwe.

In a statement issued by Dalom Music, Master KG was cleared and granted permission to reproduce the song, with assistance from new members of Dalom Kids, and no sample was used from the original song.

This comes after two of the three original Dalom Kids members, Magdeline Zungu and Jacqueline Rotwana, claimed that the song was remixed, renamed, and released without their consent.

Zungu and Rotwana claimed that the song was originally titled “Celebrate”, and along with the late Petronella Rampou (2001), were involved in writing and recording the song.

The statement clarified that the song is the copyright of Dalom Music, produced, recorded, and composed by the late Dan Tshanda, and published by Dalom Music. Consequently, Dalom holds the rights to use and reproduce the song.

Sylvia Tshanda, Dalom Kids manager, said they appreciate the former members contribution.

“I have taken into consideration all parties involved and continue to respect and show love to the former members. They contributed a lot to the legacy and deserve respect,” said Sylvia.

The statement said that all members who contributed to the creation of Keneilwe will receive royalties. This includes the late Petronella Rampou, who will receive royalties from SAMRO for both the remix and the original version. However, the former singers will receive royalties solely from the original version.

‘’All parties benefit; the former members and current members, for this has and is promoting both the original and remix. We are open to assist all members where we can; they are part of the legacy”, said Sylvia

The new version is performed by new members of Dalom Kids, who sing the reworked version of the song by Master KG featuring Nkosazana Daughter.

Master KG said he had no idea there were other members of the Dalom Kids.

 “I got in touch with with Dalom Music manger, Sylvia, the late Dan Tshanda’s wife. We made arrangements to do the studio session. We reworked the song after she arrived at the studio with three women who went by the name of Dalom Kids.

“I had no idea that there were other people involved because we had Dalom Kids in the studio,” he said.

Keneilwe is a popular hit with over 11-million YouTube views. It debuted at number five on Spotify’s South Africa’s most streamed songs list.

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