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Dear Mona Lisa


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Dear Mona Lisa

Do you remember the conversations we had in my dreams?

Can you recall the words I whispered to you while you were in my thoughts?

Screaming secrets that you kept

Not a single day have you wept

Smiling at the world-as if to please

Your smile kept my lonely nights chilly.

Un-musk yourself

Let your eyelids tell the tales of the hurt behind that smile

The tears beyond those rigid eyes

Let your hair down

Frown upon a purple moon – and curse at the sun

For angels with broken wings that cast broken arrows,

Because they sold you broken dreams, Mona Lisa.

Warrior you are- that smiles during trying times

A hurricane, Pharoah of all forms

You have won wars with no weapon

Weakened the knees of soldiers

See, you stood with kings during trials

While your presence was faint

So today I want to tell you it is okay to keep a straight face,

cause even with decades of that smile

Your silence still scar’s my heart.

Say something Mona Lisa , say something.

  • Miles Calamo


Miles Calamo

Born Mashlene Matlwa. A blogger, poet performer, co-founder at Rhythm N’ Poetry; Miles calamo’s love for writing became evident through high-school, from writing short stories to poems. She only started performing her work in Varsity when she met up with like writers. The name ( Miles Calamo) is an indirect Latin translation for “pen soldier”. At the age of 19 she was featured in a poetry anthology called via grapevine, has shared a stage with Dejavu Tafari (Cape town) and G.O(Native refugees) collaborated with the likes of Narcotix Wordsmith and Harry Werry on several projects that are yet to be released. When asked to describe herself she often says “I am a lover of light, word, and self- a warrior at heart, I am a student in this life”.

www.villagesecrets.wordpress.com  /  bozza.mobi/milescalamo for more information and details on Miles Calamo.