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Discouraged Sir Trill Says He Wants No Pity

Amapiano hitmaker Tumelo Zwane, popularly known as Sir Trill, says he wants no pity after concerns for his wellbeing.

This comes after Sir Trill went live on Instagram to talk about the struggles he is facing in the music industry.

He claimed that someone leaked his music and made some artists turn against him, leading to him not having any features on his upcoming album. 

He said despite jumping on their albums and giving them the most popular songs, some artists refused to work with him.

“I’m not hating anybody I’ve helped. I did everything I did from a good heart. Please don’t feel like I’m talking like this because I cannot make another song. I can drop a song today again and I can drop a song next week. I can still make the same songs,” he said.

He also spoke about the gatekeepers in the amapiano music genre, claiming that they have tried to sabotage his music.

According to Sir Trill, the reason he has not been putting out a lot of music lately is because he feels discouraged.

“I just got discouraged because I came in the game with a pure heart. When I got in everyone was quiet, everybody asked for my help [and] I helped them”

“Every time I drop new music, someone mutes it,” he said.

“Somebody they trust and love leaked all of my songs. Why? Now, because I am quiet, I get the end of it.”

Sir Trill later took to his Instagram stories saying  he wanted to set the record straight, , stating that he is fine.

“I am not heartbroken or sad or whatever it is. No pity party over here. I’m alright. Was just clearing up what almost everybody asks when they see me. Again, I’m not sad or heartbroken. Lol, no time for that. Last time speaking on it. Let’s move.”

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