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Divine Healing



Divine Healing

Aged 14,she watched her mother

die at the hands of her worthless father

cried herself to sleep till her tears started forming a stream

that gave birth to a whirlpool that ended up swallowing her dreams

her father’s life resembled that of a farmer, who instead of watering his seed

would rather pollute the soil in which it was planted

and that was evident when he went on to rape her, she underwent therapy

in a room full of anatomically correct dolls, which could only bring back unpleasant memories

of the day she got robbed off her virginity

her inner voice failed to even fall on deaf ears

for her emotional lips were duck-taped by fear

tried to lick her wounds, but fate kept rubbing salt on to them

at 16,she ran away from home, trying to find shelter in the streets

tattooed her mom’s picture on the left side of her chest

which she viewed as a token of remembrance

believed it would serve as a symbol of guidance

often bullied by other street kids for refusing to take drugs

desperate for acceptance and love

she’d often slit her wrists, trying to make the cut

on cold nights, she rocked short skirts that made her thighs freeze

selling her body to make loot for something to eat

she turned the temple of God into a guesthouse

that played host to different kinds of venomous snakes

her immune system was a baseball mitt on time’s hands

endlessly catching diseases

with no home to run to, she opened her optical taps

with the water  flooding the streets

couldn’t afford the expertise of a plumber

so even when she closed them they continued to leak

the HIVirus found refuge inside the temple that God had built for her soul to inhabit

at 19 she got hospitalized, her legs and feet too weak to kick the bucket

so she had to make peace with the pain she suffered

on her supposed “deathbed”, she cried as she watched her life fade away

then God sent her an angelic being to bring about change

in her life through powerful words of poetry

restored her belief with every single piece he recited for her

shifted the “positivity” from her immune system

into her mind and it became a part of her thought process

now she walks every path in life with maximum confidence

so in essence, time is not the best healer, poetry is…