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Hosea Ramphekwa was born and bred in Lephepane village just outside Tzaneen, Limpopo.  His family was neither rich nor poor. Like many families in the village they lived from hand to mouth.  Growing up, He didn’t have all that he needed but to some extent his needs were taken care of. Though his parents were unemployed, they somehow managed to provide him and his five siblings the necessary support that was needed for their betterment.  He and his siblings were able to shrug off the number of challenges to make the grade. They are in different industries pursuing thier chosen careers. Hosea says he was a troublesome kid growing up. “I was the bad boy. I was in all sorts of trouble but at the end I performed better than the good ones. I was just blessed. I had too much energy and talents I guess. I may have expressed them wrongly.”His late father, who pastored a local church, was a disciplinarian of note. He claims that he even lost count as to how many times he got whooped.


Mega Artists Magazine caught up with Hosea the proud author of Gifted, Hunted and Haunted, well we had to drag him out of his busy schedules to get to know more about his book and the experience that he came or comes across during the art of writing.

Gifted, Hunted and Haunted.

Gifted, Hunted and Haunted is an Inspirational book but the aim was also aimed to entertain and educate the people of the little foxes that spoil the vines of our lives. What drove me to this genre is the love of seeing people do better and become better.In Gifted, Hunted and Haunted, I shed some light into the challenges that are faced by highly gifted people. The book addresses a number of issues that stall the progress of gifted individuals. It was love and frustration that pushed me to pen this book. The pain I endured witnessing the demise of gifted people and the passion that consumed me in wanting to help them were the fuel firing me to write the book. In the book, I unpack the challenges or problems that torment gifted people and concurrently I also offer solutions.


What inspired the title Gifted Hunted and Haunted?

I have been blessed with abundance of creativity so it came naturally. I believe my thoughts are divinely inspired.


What is your view on gifted underachievers and what torments the talented?

They gifted underachievers are denying and depriving the world of greatness as God deposited in them. The talented are tormented because of what has been instilled and installed in them. It’s what R Kelly calls a beautiful disease.  Your strength (gift) can also become your weakness.



Have you always imagined yourself as a writer, journalist or motivational speaker?

I have been blessed with two gifts – writing and speaking. From early age I knew that I would become a writer or a radio presenter. I am blessed to have achieved some of my goals.


When did you decide to become a writer and why do you write?

I can’t recall but it was years ago. I think I was 15 or so. I write as a way of sharing my talent, my love, pain and frustration with the world. I write to make people laugh, love, and cry, be angry and be fired up and do all they can and use what God has placed in them.


How do you think you’ve evolved creatively in terms of writing?

I am still in infant stages of writing from the perspective of books but as a journalist I see a lot of progress when I look back.

What is the hardest and or the easiest thing about writing?

The hardest when creative juices run dry. I close my laptop and go to bed or do something other than writing and the easiest thing about writing is when you have the inspiration and excitement, you always do better. And the other thing is experiencing writers block.

Where do you see publishing going in the future particularly in your home province Limpopo?

There’s so much talent in Limpopo. I see publishing growing in leaps and bounds. Our people must write books in all languages and start publishing companies. We have so many undocumented stories.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

My writing depends on inspiration. Time is a none factor.

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

Just drop everything and wait for the inspiration. And oh, don’t be lazy.


Were you good at English?

My English was horrible. In fact I was taught English in N Sotho. It was bad but I defied the odds.


What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to write awesome stuff. I have got bestselling books in me. I hope to drop them soon. I am writing a movie at the moment. It is work in progress. I hope to have it out next year.


Which writers inspire you?

Zakes Mda, Paulo Coelho and Dr Cornel West.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?’

Read, read and read. You can’t write if you don’t read.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s a marvelous piece of genius.

Feel free to contact Hosea on 072 502 6727 or www.hosearamphekwa.co.za or hosea.ramphekwa@gmail.com. Facebook: Hosea Ramphekwa Twitter: hosear8