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Hundreds Scholar Transport Drivers Arrest for Traffic Violations

Hundreds of vehicles have been impounded and scores of drivers arrested as traffic authorities intensified their national crackdown on unroadworthy vehicles transporting learners to school.

The arrests are part of the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) back-to-school campaign, which started when schools re-opened this month. The campaign has so far resulted in 37 548 vehicles stopped and check in 484 law enforcement operations in different provinces.

The provinces with the highest number of vehicles stopped and checked are KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

“A total of 167 drivers were arrested for, among others, drunken driving, driving while having no driving licence and operating a public transport vehicle in violation of operating permit regulations.

The RTMC has maintained that the safety of children remains priority and law enforcement authorities will remain vigilant throughout the year to deal with non-compliant operators.

“The campaign has highlighted that many scholar transport drivers were driving without fastening seatbelts, some do not have professional drivers’ permits, their vehicles were not licensed, while other vehicles had defects such as cracked windscreens, smooth tyres, and faulty brakes.

“More than 6 240 were given fines for these vehicles, while 965 vehicles were impounded and 291 were suspended from operating,” the RTMC said on Thursday.

However, parents also have a responsibility to ensure that the transport operators they choose are fit for purpose and licensed to transport their children safely to school.

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