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Justice Pukhubje loves drawing portraits and pencil sketches. He says it makes him feel like he’s creating a new life. “Every time I hold a pencil in my hands I feel like I can draw anything I lay my eyes on. I never had to struggle or be burdened with expectations of who I wanted to be when I grew up, though I got discouraged and ridiculed by friends telling me that I will not make a good living out of art because only a few people survived as artists, I continued to pursue my dream. I am attracted by pictures drawn by other artists and those taken by camera. I was always fascinated by pictures drawn by hands. I found them really amazing because they reflected a different world. I studied and learnt how to paint with watercolor and oil. Today I make a good living, drawing portraits of prominent figures and hosting exhibitions around Limpopo. I work mostly on commission basis. I am conversant in most styles, mediums and subject matters. I am very flexible and always prepared to rise to any challenge. I enjoy working with other artists and I don’t hesitate to put on other artists on bigger commission work.

Facebook: Justice Pukhubje

Call: 082 576 3782

E-mail: justicephukubje@yahoo.co.uk