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Lawyer Offers Pro Bono Representation for ShebeShxt

Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke aka ShebeShxt

ShebeShxt, born Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, appeared at the Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The rapper is facing several charges including assault, attempted murder, damage to property, and discharging of a firearm.

His bail application has been posteponed and he is remanded in custody until 31 July.

Advocate Obi Matlaila, an attorney, motivational speaker and lecturer, posted on his Facebook account that he would like to get in touch with ShebeShxt’s family in order to represent him for free.

“I want to represent Shebexit pro bono ka bail and trial. Please give his family my numbers or connect me with his family”, posted Matlaila.

The move comes as ShebeShxt’s legal representative seem to face challenges in navigating the legal landscape, raising doubts about their ability to mount a successful bail application.

It has been established that ShebeShxt has enlisted the support of private legal representation.

The announcement has raised eyebrows within legal circles and the public as others believe that ShebeShxt is facing serious charges, and some are questioning the decision to represent him pro bono.

However, others argued that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and proper legal representation, regardless of the charges they face.


According to National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson in Limpopo, Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, Lehlogonolo is allegedly facing charges of assault GBH, which were opened last year, while the recent incident of attempted murder happened on April 10 this year.

“In the first case which occaured last year, he allegedly stabbed the complaint once on his back with a knife at Lebowakgomo.

In the second case, he allegedly stabbed the second complaint with a knife three times on his lower left arm, back of the neck, and next to his ribs in October last year.

In the latest incident, he allegedly stabbed the complaint on the head once with a knife,” Malabi said.

Malabi-Dzhangi said the rapper also faces two charges of discharging a firearm in a built-up area or any public area on 10 April 2023 as he went to a certain family residence looking for their relative who ran away.

β€œOn the second incident (10 April 2023) the accused discharged a firearm at another family residence when he went to look for a member of that family, when he was informed that the person he was looking for was not there.

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