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Limpopo Boy Bujwa accused of enabling rape

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A woman has come forward with a harrowing account of alleged abuse at the hands of Limpopo Boy’s brother.

The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared her traumatic experience under the twitter handle @Letha132497, shedding light on a sequence of events that unfolded on June 3, 2023.

According to the victim, Limpopo Boy had invited her to his brother’s residence to discuss a campaign they had previously talked about.

The victim claims that when she got there, she didn’t find Limpopo Boy but she found his brother.

She claims upon her arrival at the location, there was power outage. She informed Limpopo Boy about her arrival and her dying phone battery, which hindered their communication.

The victim says she did not have money for transport and she ended up sleeping at Limpopo Boy’s brothers place.

Limpopo Boy’s brother allegedly forced himself on her, engaging in non-consensual acts throughout the night despite her protests and pleas for him to stop.

“I was there with his brother the entire time until it got dark, and it was getting late, and it was cold so the guy offered me a blanket to keep warm, while I was there Limpopo boy called his brother, but I couldn’t hear their conversation all I heard was “yes she’s here”, she posted.

“I didn’t ask questions, I kept on trying to create a conversation with him to pass time until he decided that he want to sleep with me, he forced himself on me and I tried telling him to at least use a condom and he refused, he did that the whole night, in the morning my phone was off.”

Limpopo Boy Denies Allegations and Opens A Case

In response to the recent allegations, Limpopo Boy, whose real name is Mahlatse Thoka, has denied the accusations and taken legal action.

In a statement issued by his team on his twitter handle, Limpopo Boy says they have a opened a case of defamation.

“The team is treating the allegations seriously and has reported the case to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and engaged their legal representatives. They are also looking into various cases related to the fraudulent use of Limpopo Boy’s social media accounts, including WhatsApp.”

“At this moment we would like to let the law take its full course, we further urge that we give our artists the space to settle in as he has just recently landed from his Australia tour.”

Representatives on behalf of Limpopo Boy are urging the public to refrain from further defaming the artist’s character.

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