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Limpopo Police Arrests More than 1000 Suspects During Operation Kukula

The South African Police Service (SAPS) in Limpopo successfully conducted Operation Kukula (Shanela) from January 22 to January 28, 2024.

The operation, which saw the collaboration of SAPS with private security and sector departments across the province, led to the arrest of 1438 suspects.

Suspects from all five districts faced charges ranging from murder, attempted murder, robberies, rape, sexual offenses, assaults, burglaries, fraud, arson, malicious damage to property, to drug-related offenses.

The high-density operations utilized various strategies, including roadblocks, stop-and-search operations, compliance inspections at liquor premises, and scrutiny of second-hand dealers.

During the operation, the multi-disciplinary forces achieved substantial results, recovering 15 firearms, 8 stolen or hijacked vehicles, 25 knives, 26 dangerous weapons, 21,541 counterfeit cigarette sticks, and 610,368.75ml of liquor.

A significant portion of the operation was dedicated to combating drug-related crimes, resulting in the arrest of 63 suspects. Confiscations included 4322.933 grams of dagga, 2 dagga plants, 3 grams of crystal meth, 3 grams of nyaope, and 11 grams of crack cocaine or rocks.

Additionally, 11 suspects were apprehended for rape cases, 7 for sexual offenses, and 15 for transgressions of the Domestic Violence Act (DVA).

The operations also addressed domestic violence issues, with 264 reports attended and 282 protection orders served.

The Acting Provincial Commissioner of the Police in Limpopo, Major General Jan Scheepers, commended the dedication of all members, sector departments, and private security personnel involved in the operations.

“Their tireless efforts contribute to ensuring the safety of the citizens in the province,”

The arrested suspects are currently appearing before various Magistrate’s courts across Limpopo, while police investigations continue to further dismantle criminal networks in the region.

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