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Limpopo Police Seize Stolen Vehicles Worth 17 Million

A total of 23 suspects were arrested and 20 high powered 4×4 vehicles worth approximately R17 million were seized.

The vehicles were all robbed in Gauteng province and were intercepted at various parts of the province enroute to be smuggled through the Beitbridge and other port of entries.

 The Provincial Commissioner of police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadede commended the Anti-Smuggling Task Team for their exceptional dedication and perfomance in combatting illicit activities across the province since its inception in December 2023.

“The team, comprising of specialised detectives, has been instrumental in disrupting smuggling operations and seizing vehicles worth millions of rands. Through strategic interventions and collaborative efforts with relevant stakeholders, such as the private security, the team has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment in rooting out vehicle smuggling.”

In recent arrest effected on Thursday, 25 April  2024 at Mall of the North  in Polokwane, a 36-year-old male suspect was arrested enroute to Beitbridge Port of Entry from Gauteng.

The seized Toyota Rav 4 was reportedly stolen in Silverton, Tshwane district.

On the same day, a 31-year-old male suspect was intercepted in Musina, driving a Ford Ranger loaded with 10 boxes each containing 50x500ml of Broncleer with Codeine Cour Syrup enroute to be smuggled into Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge.

Police also conficated illicit ciggaretes with an estimated street value of R150,000-00 at Matswale Extension 10 following a tip-off.

Upon arrival at the said address, police found the vehicle matching the description but the driver was nowhere to be found.

It was then searched and 25 master boxes of Remington and 46 cartoons  ciggarettes were found loaded inside the Toyota GD6 and seized together with the vehicle.

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