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Limpopo Provincial Third-Quarter Crime Statistics Released

    Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe, joined by the MEC for Transport and Community Safety Ms Florence Radzilani and SAPS management released the third quarter crime statistics for the financial year 2023/2024 at the Landbank Building 2nd floor Boardroom in Polokwane on Tuesday 27 February 2024

    The statistics were meant to show how the Limpopo contributed to the global picture of crime in the country for the period October 1st – December 31st, 2023, in comparison with data from the corresponding period of the previous financial year.

    The crime statistics culminate from the national crime statistics released by the Minister of Police last month.

    The Provincial Commissioner reiterated that there are still challenges in escalation of murder cases. This is as opposed to the comparable period of statistics last financial year.

    Operation Vala Umgodi emerged as a success in tackling illegal mining and immigration issues. The operation resulted in the detention of 220 suspects, addressing 88 cases of illegal mining, and deporting 44 illegal immigrants.

    Operation Kukula, targeting various crimes, led to the apprehension of 28,946 suspects, including those involved in murder, robbery, sexual assault, and drug-related offenses. The initiative confiscated a significant number of items, including firearms, drugs, electronic devices, and explosives.

    Lt. Gen. Hadebe expressed concern about vigilantism impacting the murder rate, emphasizing the need to reject such acts and work collectively for a just society. Despite an overall 5% reduction in contact crimes, the murder rate increased by 9.5%, partly attributed to mob justice.

    Lt. Gen. Hadebe highlighted the increase in GBV cases against children under 17. Trio crimes, including carjackings, saw an overall reduction of 8.1%. Property-related crimes increased by 2%, with stock theft rising by 8.2%. Burglary at residential and non-residential premises declined, but theft of motor vehicles increased.

    Lt. Gen. Hadebe provided additional statistics, including:

    • Assaults GBH and common assault decreased by 7.4% and 12.5%, respectively.
    • Alcohol-related crimes remained a concern, with a high correlation between alcohol consumption and criminal behavior.
    • Gender-based violence showed a decrease in victims over 18, but an alarming increase of 50% in cases against children under 17.

    She emphasized the importance of revising the GBV plan and engaging with stakeholders to enhance capabilities in addressing GBV in the province.

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