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Mega Artists Media Donates School Shoes to Underprivileged Learners

From Left to right : Koketso Mafotja from Toughboiz and Jack Rams from Mega Artists Media

Mega Artists Media and Non-profit organizations based in Polokwane has recently taken an initiative to provide fifteen school shoes to underprivileged children in the local community.

The organization, believes that every child deserves equal access to education and lack of basic necessities such as proper footwear should not hold any leaner back from getting education.

Tough Boiz were the participants in this year’s 5th Annual Dance Tribe Festival 2023 that took place on Saturday, 04th February 2023 at Golden Lifestyle, R71 Moremadi Park hosted by Mega Artists Media.

The efforts have not only provided practical support to the children but have also sent a message of hope and encouragement. The children now have the proper footwear to attend school and can focus on their education without any distractions.

This comes after Tough Boiz Dance Crew leader Koketso Mafotja made a plea to the public during an interview with Jack Rams on Jack Rams Online Podcast to assist them donate shoes and toiletries to needy learners in their community.

“Many children from low-income families are unable to attend school because they do not have the proper footwear. This not only hinders their education but also affects their self-esteem and confidence ,” said Koketso

Toughboiz during and interview with Jack Rams, on Jack Rams Online Podcast

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