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Opting for Nudity for Laziness


SEX SELLS as we have been made to believe, but always opting for steamy, sexualized images of faceless naked women as a creative part is laziness and utter nonsense. The sexualisation and exploitation of women’s bodies on music videos is overrated and there nothing artistic or creatively fascinating about it.


As a lover of music, I occasionally watch music videos and observe how artists, creatively design and interpret their songs and I have recently noticed a growing trend of increased unnecessary nudity in music videos. Creativity is kept at a minimum and some popular music video television channels have even resorted to blurring out the ‘provocative’ parts. Clearly sending a message to the artists that they should “TRY SOMETHING ELSE” there is enough nudity already.


I read numerous article about sexual objectification and one writer detailed and mentioned that “Sometimes in music videos, the woman’s face is not shown. Instead, her body becomes a showpiece and is put on display. It depicts her as not having an identity or a sense of individualism thus, reinforcing her role as a sex symbol.”


This is the sad truth and the saddest thing about it is that some females are actual common denominator in these whole shenanigan, perpetuating sexual objectification and portraying themselves in overtly sexualised ways – vastly more than men, claiming to appreciate their bodies as a justification. But their actions are harmful to their image.


Sex sells has been a concept used since the early ages of marketing, advertising and promoting products and music in an attempt to appeal and attract people to buy a certain thing. The men want the women in the advertisement and the women want to be the women in the advertisement. It is a winning formula, however we now live in the age where consumers (me and you) are more analytical and observant. So when a song about being heartbroken is flashed with women in thongs and pieces of materials which serve as questionable bras, we start feeling let down.


As an artist, you have ruined the message of your craft. The music video looks sloppy and lacking creativity. Which by the way is a problem for an artist considering there are people who make money out of being creative directors.


It would be a shame for me not to touch base on the commercial “feel good” songs about partying, driving expensive cars and having beautiful women on standby. The concept for music videos of songs in this category all look like they are copies of one main video. Majority of them will either have a pool party scene where fancy cars are seen pulling up to a mansion, women will then be shown dancing and enjoying themselves, perhaps some champagne will be poured on one or two of the women. For those high budget videos this scene could be on a yacht. I’ve already thought of about twenty songs whose music video fits this description and it’s just sad.


Take pride in your work, dear musician. Ensure that the people working on your team are all geared towards giving your craft the glory it deserves. Taking out a video depicting a tired concept does nothing but indicates that you and your creative team are lazy.


I’m not saying stop the sexiness in music videos all together, I’m saying be creative and ensure your video reflects your song. If your song is about partying it up and having it all then sell the idea better than using a tired concept. Put your money where your mouth is and do good with it. Invest in your craft and get creative people to work something out for you. It’s an investment that will keep your song relevant for a while longer than the latter, and it might even get you to win some music video award.


Please steer clear of the increased nudity (semi soft porn) approach to music videos. It has got to stop. Children watch music videos and it disgusts some adults. Let’s keep a rule that says, if we want to watch semi soft porn we will go to a website. If you can’t keep your video clean, at least make a clean and dirty version of it and only have the dirty version online, those who want to see you push the boundary between sexy and sex will go to your website and YouTube to view it. Do it for the children and lovers of art such as myself. Stop being lazy.