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Webster Ketumile Phasha affectional known as Kay Webster was born in 1993 at a village called Sekororo and bred at Lebowakgomo just outside Polokwane. He is a third year Accounting Sciences student at the University of Limpopo. His extra mural activity is exploring and exploiting his abilities in photography – capturing pictures for a living.  Kay Webster’s story is interestingly odd but familiar. Though fascinated by the function of a camera as a child he suffered the fear of being photographed. How he recovered from the phobia is a mystery because in 2014 he finally bought his first Nikon Camera. “I take photographs of everything that catches my eye and I also shoot music videos under Webstar Films for local musical artists. I love taking long exposure photographs at night which is known as Bulb Photography. Other styles I do are beauty photography and Black and White Photography. Since I am just a beginner, all photographs I took were captured with a Nikon D5100 in original formats. I do my adjustments such as colour correcting and straightening using the same camera. I have not started using any computer software for post processing as I want to master the art using just the camera before I can make any artificial modifications”.


Kay Wabster the self-taught photographer invests most of his time on the internet browsing and researching about photography techniques and learning about photography in general. “The internet helps me learn useful tips on how to take better pictures, but my best teacher is everyday practice. When I started photography, I learned the theory of photography through photo reviews I read. One thing I wish I knew is why some people are so afraid of a camera. It’s really hard to get permission to take a street shot without having to feel like you are having an AK47 strapped around your neck. I wish those people can understand how the two machines don’t shoot the same.”


There are many great photographers in the world but Kay Wabster drives inspiration from one local photographer. “I am personally inspired by Thabie Retz photography’s work. What I like about her work is that she has the timing ability to captures priceless moments of human interaction. It is that precise moments that develops one into a good and or professional photographer.” K Wabster believes that everything can be beautified and that it depends on the interpretation.  “Different photographs say different things. Mine only speak one language, “appreciate the beauty of life”.  Personally I believe that beauty lies everywhere instead of behind the eyes of the beholder. It takes one person’s eyes to make the other person to realize beauty; it just depends on how that one person depicts beauty. My photos do exactly that by being beautiful. Photography is art not a profession. It’s inside one’s eyes not necessarily one’s knowledge or advanced equipment.”


When asked if he was a photographer of camera man Kay Webster vigorously dismissed to be referred to as a camera man. “I am a photographer. A camera man aims to capture the subject inside the frame but a photographer yearns to create the desired image to please the eye and that’s what distinguishes a photographer and a camera man”.

Picture Captions

Picture 1 and 2 were captured using the same technique called “Bulb”. The camera has to be mounted on a tripod to eliminate shakes; the camera is set to “bulb” on Manual Mode. This allows the shutter to stay open for as long as the shutter release button is depressed. Anything that moves in the frame when the shutter is still open will appear to be blurry depending on the speed of the subject, if it’s too fast sometimes it appears to be invisible.

Location: University of Limpopo.


Picture 3 was simply captured in black and white with high contrast. The subject is actually the female who appears to be street shopping but the focus is on the necklaces and she seems to be confused which one she likes.

Model: Mary Jane Rachoene

Aperture f/5.6

Shutter speed 1/200

Flash Off


Picture 4 was an organised shoot. This is my favourite photographs is the one of a female that appears to be carrying the sun in her palm as it makes her seem to be a modern Goddess of the sky and the way the orange cloud matches with her blouse makes the illusion look real.


Model: Dineo Mphahlele

Aperture f/22

Shutter speed 1/30

Flash on



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