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Pleasure Tša Manyalo celebrates radio chart debut.

Pleasure Tša Manyalo celebrates the debut of her popular song “Ntshike Ka Diatla” on Thobela FM’s national top 30 chart show.

The multi-award-winning Manyalo artist, Pleasure Peta took to social media to express her excitement and share the good news with her fans. She says she considers this as an incredible milestone.

“We view this as the biggest achievement and a confirmation that Manyalo music has a crucial role to play in the music. It’s really a big deal for a Manyalo song to get radio time on such a national radio station slot. It’s groundbreaking”, said Pleasure in a statement.

Pleasure Tša Manyalo started her music career in 2005 and has released about 15 albums under her independent label, Pleasuretainment and Music Projects.

She has single-handedly taken this once marginalised regional genre to a whole new level. Her viral rivival has seen her move from performing at weddings to nightclubs and other events outside of Limpopo.

Pleasure Tša Manyalo performing. Photo sourced : Facebook

“Since its inception in the early 2000’s, manyalo music has always been a favorite in the Limpopo province and is now on an upward trajectory more than ever”, said Pleasure.

Pleasure Tša Manyalo is one of the artists who pride themselves by singing traditional and Manyalo music in indigenous language while preserving heritage of Bapedi.

“We would like to thank Thobela FM for playing a pivotal role in preserving the culture and pride of Bapedi nation through music.”

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