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Pleasure Tša Manyalo demands respect as fans pit her against Maredi

Posted by Kholo Clits on Facebook

A fan ignited a fiery debate on social media by creating a WWE-style poster featuring Pleasure Tša Manyalo’s face and Maredi’s face, captioned with “Pleasure vs. Maredi.”

The post went viral within minutes, sparking a heated discussion among fans and music enthusiasts.

In the midst of this uproar, Pleasure Tša Manyalo responded with a composed yet assertive Facebook post demanding respect.

She reiterated that her focus was on nurturing the manyalo industry’s future and fostering its growth beyond her own illustrious career.

Pleasure Tša Manyalo

“For me, it’s no longer about competition. I’ve long surpassed that stage. Anyway, one can only compete with their equals, and none come close to my music credentials,” She posted on her Facebook page.

“Me trying to compete with others would amount to unfair competition because I’ve accepted that I have a competitive advantage and leverage over all. Many would concede that I am a well-decorated brand known near and far. “Pleasure tsa manyalo” is a household name, ”



Amidst the glimmering spotlight of Pleasure Tša Manyalo’s illustrious career, Edwin Kgwana Maredi, fondly known as Maredi has carved a mesmerising musical niche that captivates the hearts of many manyalo music fans.

His enchanting melodies and lyrics have struck a resounding chord with music lovers, earning him immense love and admiration.

Maredi’s latest anthem, “Makuru Why,” has transcended borders and is making waves across the African continent. Countries such as Zimbabwe and Namibia have embraced his music wholeheartedly, further cementing Maredi’s position.

Despite the apparent tension brewing between fans, Pleasure remained committed to elevating the genre as a whole, rather than engaging in petty competition

“I’m done with petty competition. My focus is on the sustainability of the manyalo industry post-Pleasure era. I’m focusing on my legacy project that would ensure that the manyalo industry continues to strive and succeed after I have dropped the mic and gone into retirement in the villages of Atok. So please, RESPECT!”, she emphasised.


Some fans say that it is unfair to compare the two, as it creates unnecessary division and takes away from the artists’ achievements.

Some referring to her as “Dr. of Tša Manyalo” music in recognition of her accomplishments.

Some fans felt that Pleasure should not have responded to the post.

Their reasoning is that her response gives off the impression that she’s feeling the pressure.

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