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Pleasure Tša Manyalo new business becomes a case study in school exam

Pleasure Tša Manyalo : PIC sourced on Facebook

Pleasure Tša Manyalo newly established business canter is the subject of a case study in a Waterberg District Business Studies Grade 11 mid-year exam paper.

The exam paper delves into the intricacies of Pleasure Tša Manyalo’s newly established business enterprise, presenting leaners with a unique real-life scenario to analyze.

The inclusion of Pleasure Tša Manyalo as a case study has sparked excitement and curiosity among both followers and the singer herself.

Pleasure expressed her excitement and questioned how such a development came about, wondering about the learners who would be grappling with her entrepreneurial journey.

“And then? Re fihlile bjang mo? Barutwana ba Waterberg District Business Studies Grade 11 go rileng?”, she posted on her Facebook page.

Business Studies Grade 11 mid-year exam paper

Pleasure Enterprise

Last year, Pleasure Tša Manyalo made headlines when she announced the opening of a business center in her village. The establishment offers a range of services, including butchery storage, meat cutting, ice block production, car wash and braai facilities, and studio recording.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you my business, PLEASURE ENTERPRISE, Pula tša mahlogonolo, ge di ena ka medupi, le nna Morena o nkgopotše. Ka nnete Moleta Isiraele ga a robale.” She hinted at forthcoming details about her business venture.

Building on the excitement, Pleasure Tša Manyalo recently announced plans for a grand opening at her new establishment.

Pleasure Enterprise

“Tse botse feela le kgaogelo di tlo ntatelela mehla yohle ke sa phela, ke tlo fetsa bontshi bja matsatsi ke dutse ngwakong wa Morena. Re leboga mogau wa Modimo wo!!! Finally, Grand opening loading!!! Le hlwele gabotse Bana besung?”

Pleasure Tša Manyalo’s unexpected inclusion in the exam paper has garnered attention, making her journey a subject of academic exploration.

As leaners prepare to answer questions about her business enterprise, her influence and success continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

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