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Polokwane Municipality Clamps Down on Illegal Water Connections

In a move aimed at addressing the pervasive issue of illegal water connections, the Polokwane Municipality led by the directive of Executive Mayor Executive Mayor, Cllr Makoro John Mpe launched a targeted operation to tackle the problem of unauthorized water connections.

Polokwane Council Whip, Cllr Phetola Rapetswa, accompanied by Council Speaker Cllr Kobela Modiba and MMC for Community Services Yoosuf Pemma cracked down on water theft.

Their initial destination was Moremadi Park in the Mothapo area, where municipal officials discovered municipal water infrastructure cordoned off by a resident, effectively obstructing access.

The municipality says they found storage tank containing untreated water sourced from the Dap Naude dam.

Allegedly the busted individual providing the water was profiting from the sale of this untreated water to the community.

The delegation proceeded to Thakgalang in Nobody, where a resident had illicitly tapped into the municipal pipeline, utilizing a pressure pump to distribute water to the community for profit.

The municipality says it impounded the resident’s water tanker and both suspects admitted guilt in unlawfully accessing water from the municipality.

The municipality has committed to ongoing efforts to identify and dismantle all unauthorized connections, ensuring that precious water resources are protected for the entire community.

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