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Popular Limpopo Rapper and Producer Admits to Using Drugs

Decker – Rapper and Producer. Picture : Facebook

In a candid revelation, Derrick Decker Mafa, rapper and producer, has opened up about his history of drug use.

“Before you assume anything or hear lies from the haters, take it from me,” he posted on his Facebook.

Decker admitted to a period in his life when he used drugs. Despite the lack of shame in his confession, he acknowledged that it was a phase he wasn’t prepared for but found some aspects of it to be amazing.

“I was on drugs at some point in my life, and it’s none of anyone’s business why I did it. I’m not ashamed. It was a stage that I wasn’t ready for, but at some point, it was awesome,” Decker posted.

His turning point came when he realized the toll it was taking on the people who loved him the most.

In a heartfelt message, Decker expressed his gratitude to God, attributing his transformation to a higher power.

“I prayed to God so that He could lead me to a better path, and He did, all because I was starting to hurt the people who loved me the most. So I had to sacrifice because I love them too.”

Decker claims to be back on track and in a better state than ever, thanking his past experiences, including the drug use, for the valuable lessons they taught him.

” So I am now back to my senses and I’m better than ever, thanx to that part of life and whatever it taught me”

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