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Queen Minaj Not a Born Again Christian

Limpopo social media sensation Lonia Makua, popularly known as Queen Minaj, is not a born-again Christian.

This comes after images of Queen Minaj attending the Masenya Night of Celebration in Burgersfort circulated rapidly on social media, sparking speculations about a potential religious transformation.

Queen Minaj has since dismissed the rumors, stating that she was coerced into attending the service by her relatives.

“It was my uncle and aunt who invited me to church. When we got there, the pastor told me to repent and stop dressing provocatively,” Minaj said.

According to Minaj, her aunt and uncle extended the invitation to the church, but upon arrival, she was met with a stern directive from the pastor urging her to repent and abandon her revealing attire.

Minaj says she adamantly defended her choice of clothing, citing its contribution to her financial stability.

“I’ll never give up what I’m doing because it’s thanks to my nudity that I was able to buy two cars,” Minaj said

Minaj gained public attention for frequently parading half-naked or wearing revealing clothing. In various podcasts where she was interviewed, she consistently emphasized that this is her means of earning a living.

She maintains that she is not a sex worker.

Listen to dismissing the rumors :

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