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Rapsy Mapengo started doing art as a little kid and over the years he has development his skills in pencils drawing and perfecting his craft. He decided 3 years ago, back in 2015to take his art seriously and earn a living out of it. “I am mostly inspired by existing artworks of other people, when I look at such works I tell myself that I can do more and better than that because I believe I  am capable and that gives me the determination to go an extra mile in my craft.I am interested in portraits art and my subjects are commission based. However sometimes when am not doing commission I simply choose a subject that I feel will be of interest to art lovers and also something that is challenging to do on my part. So I tend to work on wildlife or any other subject. I am also good in painting and at times I do play well with my brushes to produce amazing artworks. I do not have a specific artist in my mind that I look up to…in fact I feel like I am my own model….but most times I come across artworks of other artists I feel so much motivated that there are other people out there in the same field with me and that makes me feel good”

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