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Rebuilding of Parliament gets Underway

Secretary to Parliament, Mr Mxolisi George, said Parliament’s initial processes to reconstruct various buildings that were damaged in a fire on 2 January 2022 are underway.

The fire severely affected both the Old Assembly and the National Assembly buildings of Parliament.

These buildings housed the chambers of the National Assembly.

The building project is expected to be completed within two years and expected to be ready for occupation by February 2026.

He said architectural designs are at an advanced stage and demolition work is set to start soon.

“The initial phase of the rebuild project will involve the demolition of structurally unsafe sections of the building, which have been designated as the ‘red zone’ due to their instability and compromised safety,” Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George, said on Thursday.

Secretary to Parliament, Mr Mxolisi George briefing the media

“This delicate process ensures that we preserve as much of the original architectural integrity as possible while making way for new, safe structures. This careful and precise approach underscores our commitment to maintaining the building’s heritage while safeguarding its future,” he explained.

The damaged sections of the buildings will be cleared this month to start rehabilitation works by August 2024.

The restoration project is estimated to cost R2bn and expected to take two years. Finance minister Enoch Godongwana allocated R2bn for the project in his 2022 medium term budget policy statement and a further R118m to help parliament deal with unforeseen costs.

In addition to accommodating the enlarged Assembly chamber and support spaces, the rebuilding process will incorporate modern technology and infrastructure.

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