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Ronnie Nyakale and Muzi Mthabela Leaving Generations: The Legacy

‘Generations: The Legacy’ has announced that Muzi Mthabela and Ronnie Nyakale are leaving the show. 

Muzi Mthabela, plays Nkosiyabo Cele and joined the long-running soapie in 2021.

Ronnie Nyakale, plays Cosmo Diale, he joined in 2017 with the cast of the first season of ‘Generations the Legacy’.

The production team wished the actors all the best.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Muzi Mthabela, who plays Nkosiyabo Cele, and Ronnie Nyakale, who plays Cosmo Diale, well in their upcoming projects,” read the statement.

“These stalwarts of the show will be on an indefinite hiatus as they pursue other avenues for creative expression. We are sure they will only achieve success as the talent and dedication we have become accustomed to serve them going ahead.”

Mthabela will be on screens until June 5, in a spicy storyline and Nyakale can be seen until August 28.

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