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SASSA gold cards not expiring in December 2023

SASSA gold cards will not expire in December and will continue to work for grant payments beyond December 2023

Postbank has announced that millions of SASSA grant beneficiaries will continue collecting their grants safely and reliably with their SASSA Gold Cards.

“This important development means that millions of social grant beneficiaries do not have to change their Sassa gold cards to the cards of the other banks,” said Dr Bongani Diako, Postbank spokesperson

The payments of social grants through SASSA Gold Cards have over the years empowered marginalised groups by making it easier for them to access their funds especially in rural areas where traditional banking infrastructure may be limited.

Diako warned beneficiaries to disregard misleading information that might direct them to change to other card products claiming that the gold cards are being replaced.

“The Postbank is the only bank mandated to replace Sassa gold cards. These gold cards will be valid post-December 2023 and beneficiaries may continue to use them as normal,” said Diako.

He said grant recipients could use their cards to withdraw money from a wide network of the country’s ATMs, of any bank.

Recipients can use their cards for numerous transactions, including free withdrawals inside retail shops, requesting free three-month bank statements, and doing balance inquiries.

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