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Shebeshxt Reconciles With King Monada – “He’s My Role Model”

Shebeshxt reconciled with King Monada, revealing during an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG that they had resolved their issues.

Shebeshxt explained that the source of their disagreement was Monada’s refusal to feature him on a song that Focalistic had collaborated on with King Monada.

“Focalistic had a song, and he featured King Monada. Focalistic wanted me on the track, but King Monada told Focalist that if I’m featured, he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore,” said Shebeshxt.

When MacG asked why Monada didn’t want him on the song, Shebeshxt expressed that King Monada was jealous of him because he is the hottest artist at the moment.

“I am hot. I am a crowd-puller. I attract a crowd more than he does. So I think he felt like I am going to overshadow him on the song,” answered Shebeshxt.

Shebeshxt emphasised that the past issues are water under the bridge, stating that he has since made amends with King Monada and will be performing at Monada’s One Man Show on Saturday, 30th December.

“When I talk about role models, King Monada is my role model. He’s my brother. I am going to be performing at his show on the 30th. We’re cool,” said Shebeshxt.

Shebeshxt created a buzz on the internet yesterday after featuring on Podcast and Chill with MacG, where he discussed his upbringing, music, crime, and future.

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