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Skeem Saam Actress Harriet Manamela Recovering from Surgery

Skeem Sam actress Harriet Manamela took to Instagram to announce her successful recovery from hip replacement surgery earlier this year.

Sharing the news on her Instagram account, Manamela expressed gratitude for her regained health after the procedure.

“May I take this moment to say I have recovered. I had a hip replacement surgery beginning of the year hence I was given a break from shooting. Thank you to everyone for wishing me well even though there was no clear explanation why I had to be off the screen & production had to find a sit in for me,” she posted

This update comes after a previous announcement from the SABC drama Skeem Saam at the start of the year.

During her absence, Florence Masebe, renowned for her role in Muvhango, stepped in temporarily to portray the character of Meikie Maputla.

Harriet also thank Masebe for stepping in and playing her role while she recovers.

“My dearest sesi Florence Masebe ” ngwana Manamela” as you fondly call me. You responded to the call of duty and did what you know best. Being one of SA’s powerful performers we definitely are looking forward to enjoy your episodes and your strong abilities to bringing characters to life. I humble myself before you sis Flo and say “Kea leboga sesi”.

Skeem Saam publicist, Sumaya Mogola, said that Manamela would return in the new season beginning on 24 July 2024.

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