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Social Media drags Winnie Mashaba for appreciating Single Mothers on Father’s Day

What started as a beautiful Sunday morning with a post from Dr. Winnie Mashaba appreciating all the fathers and father figures on her Facebook post didn’t end well.

The award-winning gospel artist later posted a follow-up status on her Facebook page to appreciate single mothers who have taken on father figure roles.

“To y’all single mothers. I also celebrate you on this Father’s Day. Thank you for raising the kids without any complaints even when things get worse on your side sometimes,” she posted.

Some of her followers reprimanded her strongly and said that her decision to acknowledge and appreciate mothers on Father’s Day is inappropriate and misplaced.

In another post that seemed to justify her previous post, she mentioned that she discards toxic people around her, which appeared to be in response to the backlash on her previous post.

“If you are toxic in my circle consider yourself being removed! I don’t have energy to deal with negative energy. Either family, friends, colleagues or whoever. My focus is to stay focused”

Some of her followers didn’t take it lying down, some argued that she was the one who’s toxic and she needed to apologise, and others said that she undermines the significance of the day.

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