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Spotify Signals Growth in Limpopo Music

Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, has uncovered a transformative shift in Limpopo’s music landscape.

The data released by Spotify sheds light on the increasing influence of indigenous languages, including Khelobedu, Sepedi, XiTsonga, and Tshivenda, in shaping the province’s vibrant music scene.

According to Spotify, tracks featuring Khelobedu, Sepedi, XiTsonga, and Tshivenda have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, garnering widespread acclaim both locally and internationally.

This newfound recognition not only celebrates linguistic diversity but also underscores the profound connection between language and cultural expression.

Insights from Spotify reveal that Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi witnessed a significant spike in daily streams between 25 and 31 December 2023, coinciding with festive celebrations beyond traditional wedding events.

The data show that these peaks occurred predominantly between 4 pm and 7 pm, attracting a substantial audience, particularly from the millennial demographic, which accounted for over 46% of listeners for each artist.

Maredi Maredi’s audience showed a male listener, comprising 60% male listeners, whereas Pleasure Tsa Manyalo’s listenership was evenly split, with 56% female and 44% male listeners.

While Polokwane is in the top five of the cities streaming these artists, populous centers like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town dominated the list.

Spotify artist, label, and partnerships manager for South Africa, Jodie Tabisher, said South Africa’s diversity is visible in the music available on their platform.

“Beyond songs, there are playlists dedicated to highlighting various artists and music. Limpopo Way is one of them where both Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi shine brightly,” said Tabisher.

Spotify says the phenomenon of cross-regional appeal and the influence of popular media on streaming trends were further exemplified by spikes in searches for Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi.

Both Pleasure Tsa Manyalo and Maredi Maredi, along with other emerging Limpopo artists, are featured in Spotify’s Limpopo Way, the playlist showcasing the best of the region’s musical talent to a global audience.

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