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#StoryTellingThursday- Moruti wa di chicken livers Part 1

#StoryTellingThursday – Moruti wa di chicken livers Part 1

I was busy minding my own business when I received a call from moruti on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, telling me gore he’s in Pretoria and would like to meet and catch up. Facebook had reminded him that it was my birthday 🎂, so when he mentioned going to Spur for a meal   🍔 🍷 🍽️ after work my excitement peaked. Before he hangs up he says to me “It’s your birthday, wear something nice”.

So moruti neh guys, he was my brother. Moruti ke mo tsebile kgale bazalwane, way before he was ordained. I think calling him a family friend better explains how he and I relate to each other. So, after work ke khokolosa makwatse le marotse ke tloga Arcadia ke lebile Sunnyside gape bann in my mind ke nagana the Spur waiters ba mphaphathela matsogo ba opela kosa yela ya se India ya go felela ka gore “it’s your birthday”. Ke dio nagana attention ya the whole restuarent because attention ke dilo tsaka.

Ke moka when I get to the flat I tell the best friend that yaz ga ke hlape ebile ga ke tshephi because I don’t see the need. Pastor calls and says he’s outside. We leave to Hatfield. Aowa, instead of going straight to the restaurant pastor drives through the gate ya Town Lodge. He says something about freshening up. He bann!  Okay. We get to his hotel room and pastor chills on the bed, me I take the DSTV guide book and go through it. That time I am hungry because I had prepared my stomach for dinner and free birthday ice cream. Pastor is not bothered, he’s busy laughing at my silly jokes and I ended up interjecting his boisterous laughter with a question, “Kgane ro ja what time?” He seemed taken aback a bit, but I keep my straight face, but he gets up and we go to Spur, right behind his hotel.

On arrival, the waiters are told, “It’s her birthday”. LOL! Yaz we are given a table for two and menus, yaba ke gona mathata a diya mabjanye a mohlakehlake. We go through the menu guys, and I immediately know what I am going to have. I point the meal out to him and he says,” Aowa o ka se kgore”. He bann! Mara this is what I want. Moruti a thoma go bala bala, “Wa tseba nna dijo tsa Spur ga ke dirate,dina le makhura a mantsi”. I offered my advice “They have salad, otla ja yona”. He looked baffled “Salad tsa bona ga di dhefe” areyalo moruti. I try again “You can have something grilled with vegetables”. He said something like, “Di vegetable tsa bona dino meetsi a mantsi” a reasona moruti again, I was defeated. I started asking myself questions…afa re tla ja, matsogo gona ba tla mphaphathela, worries going on, moruti omo dieteng maybe, kgane…? That’s when he interrupted me.

” Are reke a bowl of chicken livers and share them”.  😮 🤔Tje bann, mehlolo e rata bazalwane. I got confused guys. 😧 My heart 💔. I didn’t understand why pastor a nyaka go ntsha dithingsing( dilong) mola ke tsene. He called the waiter and ordered the bowl of chicken livers and two glasses of water, and I was like ‘aowa nna ke nyaka juice”, I said it out so loud that the waiter heard it well so pastor couldn’t say no. Guys the bowl of chicken livers came and pastor invited me to dig in, ka gana, I drank my juice ke mo lebeletji ke sa understandi fokol, until he started telling me how I do not realise that Spur is expensive and the way yena a nyakago go ja Nandos ka gona. He went on and on about healthy options tja Nandos and after wiping his bowl of chicken livers he called the waiter and insisted they give me free ice cream and sing for me. Guys, I have never been embarrassed so much like that day, they sang for me, mara kosha ya gona e sena that thing, le nna bjale I was thinking gore attention ye ke e kreyago from everyone around was because of the mohlolobility that just happened. We left immediately after. 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♂️ And went to Nandos…

Story continues in part 2



The End

By: Tshegofatso Rasekgotoma is a lecturer, a

blogger, a reader and an avid fan of the arts.

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