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Three record labels hunt for Kavalungu hitmaker’s signature

Tebza De DJ ‘Kavalungu’ is on high rotation on socail media. The song took social media by storm and gained heavy traction on TikTok. However, the song has been taken down from all Digital Streaming Platforms due to alleged copyright infringement.

Three record labels had reached out to Tebza De DJ to assist him with clearing the song for copyright and liscencing the song and also an option for a record deal.

It is alleged that he has been spotted at Open Mic on Tuesday. Melly Music Records has also entered the search and Sony Records has also shown interest.

Allegedly, Open Mic was the first record label to approach Tebza De DJ, and they have been assisting him with the copyright and clearance issues. It remains unclear if he has officially signed with Open Mic.

Tebza De DJ sampled portion of the song from the famous Peter Tenant hit song ‘African Vibes Part2’ which was in his album, King of Shangaan Disco that was released a few days after he was shot dead in 1996.

Tebza De DJ’s sampling of the renowned Peter Tenant hit garnered significant attention and propelled the song to the top of the charts, surpassing Tyler ICU’s ‘Mnike,’ which had held the number one spot for three consecutive weeks.


Meanwhile Rise Teanet, Richie, and C Boy recently expressed their disappointment with fellow musician Tebza De DJ.

The brothers contend that Tebza De DJ failed to seek proper clearance or obtain a blessing from the family or label before reworking the song. 

Richie revealed that he made efforts to investigate whether any communication had taken place between their family and Tebza De DJ. 

Teanet brothers suggest that Tebza De DJ might be trying to resolve the matter secretly with a major label associated with their father’s previous work.

The Teanet brothers warn that if the situation is not rectified in a fair and transparent manner, legal action will be on the table, and the dispute could take an uglier turn.

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