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TNS Accuses His Family of Bewitching Him

Popular KZN musician and producer TNS real name Nkazimulo Ngema, has come forward with allegations of witchcraft against members of his own family.

TNS posted on his Facebook page reavealing that certain relatives had been practicing witchcraft against him.

According to TNS, these alleged practices had caused him considerable distress and suffering, leading him to be always on the run and in hiding.

In response to the allegations, a family member known as Sts Sphesihle Ngema has denied any involvement in witchcraft.

“I’m hurt about what you are saying because all you are saying is lies. You are running away from home; no one wants to kill you. Death will find you even where you hide yourself. What I want to tell you is that you will miss this home you are running from,” commented Sphesihle.

TNS said the situation has strained familial relations and created a rift. He says he has a spiritual calling and his ancestors have shown him that his family is trying to kill him.

“I’m spiritually gifted, and my ancestors show me all what is happening in my home. They are sending me with ghosts and many evil spirits,” he said.

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