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Tribe Competition


3rd Annual Dance Tribe Tournament 2019


Dance groups must prepare 3 routines, each a maximum of 3min 50sec. Dance crews must perform the routines as a unit all the time. All performances exceeding the maximum time outlines that have not been approved by MAM will be deducted one point for every five seconds over the time limit of a routine. There’ll be no additional rounds. Dances are encouraged to bring their beast choreography.  


Groups are encouraged to submit their own music a week, seven (7) days before the tournament via email . Please contact our office if you have any issues while uploading. We still ask that you bring a backup option (CD, iPod, or iPad) to the competition in case there is an issue with the uploaded music. A UBS is NOT an acceptable backup form. If you bring CDs for backup, each CD must contain only one song that is properly labelled with the studio name and routine name. Please write directly on your CD. Do not place any adhesive labels as labels can cause CD’s to skip. If music skips or fails at anytime during a performance due to faulty music supplied by the crew, Mega Artists Media cannot allow that routine to perform again. This rule must be strictly enforced in order to give everyone an equal opportunity and to keep the schedule running on time. If music fails to work on the first try, before dancers perform, that routine may be placed on hold until music is found. It is the responsibility of the crews to bring a backup music. Mega Artists Media is not responsible for any CDs, Ipods, Ipads, etc. that are not collected after an event.

Judging / Deductions

Each entry will be judged by a highly qualified panel of judges. All judges’ decisions will be final. Contacting or speaking to judges is strictly prohibited at all times in order to give a fair chance to all participants. Dance performances will be judged on the following criteria:

Technique                         (30)
Stage Presence                 (20)
Choreography                   (20)
Execution                         (20)
Effort                               (10)
TOTAL 100 Points


  • Routines must be appropriate for family viewing: Any routine that a judge feels is not appropriate is subject to a deduction or even disqualification.
  • Props must be moved on and off dance floor in a timely manner. If a judge feels that the removal of a prop takes too long points may be deducted. No dangerous props allowed. Dangerous props include but are not limited to knives, swords, anything thrown directly at the judges table that may be harmful, anything that could alter the surface of the dance floor, any prop that is plugged in. Any routine that uses a dangerous prop will receive a max of a 10 POINT deduction or may be disqualified.
  • Points may be deducted if a routine contains more dancers than were registered.


R 5000 1st Prize

R 2000 2nd Price

R 1000 3RD Prize


Additional Info

All participants are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and treat students with respect. Also, participants are expected to be respectful of dressing rooms making sure to leave it the way you found it upon arrival. When in the audience, please stay seated and keep talking to a minimum during all performances. We look forward to having a great competition!


Please see our Terms and Conditions 

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