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Tumisang Ivan Leso


Tumisang Ivan Leso is a photographer from Ga-Mathibela village situated in Limpopo, Zebediela. His love for art started from a young age but it almost vanished into thin air due to unavailability of equipment. Fortunately he was able to raise some funds and bought himself a DSLR camera to continue his relationship with photography. “Most of my content is based on portraiture work, which is my main approach to photography. I chose to shoot more portraits (close-ups) when I realised how great it is to work closely with my subjects. Portraits give out the best detail of what I want to portray as an artist.”  


Facebook                  : Tumi Ivan Chinawa Leso

Facebook page        : OneTwo Photography

Instagram                  : @onetwophotography

Twitter                        : @teamzbee

Call or WhatsApp     : 079 166 4949