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Undeserved Win : Tau Sebata on Makhadzi’s Best Traditional Album Award

Tau Sebata : Sepedi Traditional musician and cultural activist

Multi Award Winning Sepedi Traditional musician and cultural activist, Tau Sebata is disspointed with the South African Music Awards.

Mpatli Patrick Rakgabale popularly known by his stage name “Tau Sebata”, says for Makhadzi to win best Traditional Album Award is unfair to tradional artists.

Makhadzi, who was nominated for Best Traditional Album, walked away as the winner of the award. The 29th South African Music Awards (SAMAs) held at the SunBet Arena in Pretoria on Saturday night.

“South African Music Awards (SAMAs) for Makhadzi Music to win best traditional album ??? 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 unfair to our traditional artist,” he posted.

Tau Sebata, often hailed as a multi-award winner in his own right, expressed his concerns over Makhadzi’s win, stating that it undermines the contributions of other traditional artists.

Sebata argues that traditional artists who dedicate their careers to preserving and evolving the genre deserve recognition on such a prominent stage.

“Imagine how real traditional artists feel about this. I guess the adjudication team doesn’t know what they’re doing. Maybe that’s why the KwaZulu-Natal Government dropped the SAMAs at the eleventh hour,” commented Tau Sebata.

Tau Sebata is a two-time South African Traditional Music Awards 13 & 16 winner, Limpopo Music Awards for Best Sepedi Hit winner, Mzansi Cultural Music Awards winner, and SAMA28 nominee for Best Traditional Album.

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