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When one of us wins, we all win.

One of the most beautiful things in life has got to be when you see someone get a seat at the big table and instead of wanting to sit at the table alone, makes way for others to get a seat at the table too; a visual real time representation Botho in my language and well known as Ubuntu all around the world, the essence of who we are as Africans.

From Black Coffee’s numerous international collaborations, his residency in Ibiza, to Cassper Nyovest and Okmalumkoolkat collaborations with other African artists and American artists, Trevor Noah hosting the Daily Show to Babes Wodumo, Reason, Sjava, Saudi and Yugen Blakrok being featured on the Marvel Movie: Black Panther’s sound track album. Not forgetting that the legendary John Kani and Connie Chiume as well as Atandwa Kani actually act in the Black Panther movie and the native language of Wakanda is IsiXhosa.  South Africa has been put on. The world has seen us, not just as an African country that is a good tourist destination and Safari but as creative nation full of rich culture and skill to hold our own. It is nothing short of beautiful to witness. South Africa is being celebrated.

Photo: Complexed Simplicity

As a nation, our pride, support and admiration should be on these artists who are making a name for themselves on the international scene and representing South Africa in the process. Their success is our success, not just because we are being loyal to our fellow countrymen but also because when the spotlight shines on that individual or on the movie cast or musicians, the spotlight also shines on the South African entertainment industry as a whole. I imagine that it makes talent scouts wonder “If this nation can produce such a comedian/actress/musician/ visual artist, what else can it produce?” and that is how our hard work, dedication, sound work and business ethics will bring about the opportunity for us to also reach greater heights in our careers.

As a Limpopo based artist, trying to crack it into the national industry and get the recognition and money which your art deserves, keep investing in your craft, have a strong network of other artists who work just as hard, are just as talented, dedicated and resilient as you are and keep knocking on those doors and one of them will open; when that door opens remember that the victory is not yours alone, put your people on so that Limpopo can also shine so that  when one of us wins, we all win.

*ChantelSeanego is an art lover, Twitter enthusiast and self-proclaimed analyst of interesting things.

Twitter: @Naletsana_­

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