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Xitsonga Rap sensation Mthimbani opens up about spiritual battle

Mthimbani’s revelation shocks fans. The Xitsonga rap star shared his ongoing struggle with troubling spirits, admitting that he’s fighting a losing battle.

In a Facebook photo, Mnthabani is seen donned in traditional clothing, hinting at a deeper connection with traditional spirituality.

“I hate that I can’t keep it hidden forever, but I’m only human. I can’t conquer these spirits. Since I failed to defeat them, I’m left with no choice but to join them,” Mthimbani shared.

The artist has been battling a concerning condition on his left leg, resembling gangrene. Gangrene is the decay of body tissues caused by poor blood supply or infection, resulting in rotting of the leg.

While some might consider medical explanations, Mthimbani firmly believes that witchcraft lies at the heart of his ailment.

“Nile kulweni ka nyimpi ya ximoya valala va buzy na mina, and nava tiva hi nkwavu. Vani bhe hi xifula ravu mbirhi, but I’ll defeat them all. Please pray for my speedy recovery and wish me luck,” he pleaded, calling upon his devoted followers for their support.

In his spiritual journey, Mthimbani has found invaluable insights, discovering his purpose and new found calling. He humbly vows to walk this path as a servant.

“My journey is very spiritual, and I now understand the purpose of my existence. I will walk this path as a servant.”

Mthimbani in good terms with his manager

Amidst concerns for his well-being, some fans directed blame towards his manager, accusing him of negligence.

However, Mthimbani defended his manager, Philani. He says he has gone above and beyond to support his recovery and enable his comeback to the music scene.

“I didn’t want to post this, but ni lava ku bhasisa leswi vanhu vange. My manager Philani is not failing me. The man is doing a phenomenal job, and we won’t air our personal issues just to appease the public. He’s securing me gigs, interviews, connections, lucrative deals, and exciting collaborations with A-list artists day in and day out. Even during my most dire moments, the man has stood by me like a brother,” Mthimbani defended his manager.

In response to the swirling uncertainties, Philani reassured fans that the talented rapper is on the path to recovery and is actively working on exciting new music projects.

“As his Manager, I refuse to let this pure talent fade away into oblivion. This is my artist, Mthimbani, and he’s back in the game after an arduous battle with his leg. I’ve mentored him tirelessly, ensuring his triumphant return to the Xitsonga Rap Music scene,” Philani declared.

As Mthimbani continues to brave his spiritual warfare, his journey serves as an awe-inspiring testament to his resilience and unwavering determination. Fans eagerly await his victorious return, eager to witness the extraordinary fusion of Xitsonga rap and spiritual enlightenment that lies ahead.

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