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KoketŠo “Zito” Mowa hails from Ga-Mphahlele a village called Seleteng in Limpopo and he is a graphic designer and music producer. He says that pure love for art and technology is what got him into graphic design. “Graphic design helped bring art to life, graphic design introduced me to photography.”

Zito’s love for the art is inspired by simple things like “dirt”. “Mini scrap was inspired by my village, so through mini scrap i wanted to challenge the narrative of people saying you need to be fancy to produce kick ass content so i decided I’m going to use the dirtiest location with not so clean subjects and shoot them, so basically I’m just saying use what surrounds you to your advantage and never be ashamed of where you come from”

Behance        : net/kcmowa

Facebook      : Zito Mowa

E-mail                         : kcmowa@gmail.com