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Appreciate Makhubela leaves Limpopo Podcast after feeling unappreciated.

Appreciate Makhubela : Photo sourced

Multi-talented social media sensation and motivational speaker Appreciate Makhubela announced on his Facebook page that he’s no longer part of Limpopo Podcast.

He was the co-host of Limpopo Podcast along side rapper and producer Omee Otis. Limpopo Podcast is a Tzaneen-based podcast created to give Limpopo musicians and actors, influencers and performing artists a platform to tell their stories.

Appreciate explained his departure at on a lengthy Facebook post, saying he didn’t feel valued.

“Yes!! It’s true Appreciate Makhubele is no longer part of Limpopo Podcast. I’m leaving the podcast because of many reasons. But the main one is continuous conflicts within the podcast and the treatment that I get from the team. I don’t have beef with anyone and I will not fight for anything. Talente ke file ke Modimo. I’ll leave everything as it is,” posted Appritiate.

Omee Otis later posted an official statement with a caption that read,” We achieved so much together as a team, will always be my ni***… “The Boys”.

Omee Otis : Photo sourced on Facebook

He also posted a statement issued by Limpopo Podcast management to confirm that Appreciate has left the podcast and thanked him for his contribution.

“Your contribution and effort to the organisation has been immense, heartfelt and life changing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for this company”

Omee later succumbed to fans’ demands for answers about what had happened. He posted a follow-up Facebook status claiming that Appreciate knows what happened.

“I won’t be clearing all rumors or allegations, but Limpopo Podcast was founded by Tshepiso. From the name, logo, YouTube channel, intellectual property and equipment.”

“Both Appreciate and I know exactly what happened and what went wrong. I will not speak publicly about this out of mutual respect. All I can say is that so much has happened that viewers have no idea”, posted Omee.

Appreciate Makhubela and Omee Otis during happier times

Limpopo Podcast supporters didn’t appreciate Omee Otis’ response. Some claimed that it had always been obvious that Omee was threatened by Appreciate’s charismatic ability to conduct interviews and interact with guest in their home language and that made Omee jealous of Appreciate.

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