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DJ Fresh Shows Support and Understanding For Skomota


Viral dance sensation Skomota named the artists he wants to collaborate with during a podcast interview with Richy B. He expressed his desire to work with the late rappers AKA and Ricky Rick, as well as DJ Fresh. Richy B then informed him that the two artists he mentioned had passed away.

Dj Fresh said he received the short video from a lot of people, and upon viewing the clip, he was deeply moved emotionally.

“I am not going to assume what condition Skomota was born with, but generally, what we find is that kids who seem slower than others are often ostracized, are often treated differently, in fact, some families even lock them up.”

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“As Skomota is doing this interview, in my mind, I am thinking, here’s this former child that has all these people he wants to work with. Even with whatever condition he may or may not have, these are people to him that had an impact on him and popular culture in this country, and they are memorable to him. We had such an impact not only to him but on popular culture, and we are memorable to him”.

“For me, that is very powerful. That wherever you are and whatever industry you are in; how much of an impact have you made that will have people says I want to work with that person.”

Dj Fresh was speaking on his podcast “WAW! What A Week with DJ Fresh” the fastest growing podcast in South Africa highlighting the achievements of young adults making strides in various fields. It provides a platform to showcase inspiring stories in life, work, technology, and more, inspiring and motivating viewers.

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