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Gaoshoazen and Kharishma clash over popular song “Sekoloto”

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Polokwane’s music scene is embroiled in controversy as Gaoshoazen and Kharishma dispute the signing of their unreleased songs, Sekoloto, with Open Mic Productions.

The tension peaked during a radio interview on Thobela FM’s “Tša Boithatabišo” with presenter Itumeleng Dipela. Gaoshoazen, newly signed to Open Mic Productions, allegedly used Kharishma’s unauthorized songs, leading to the disagreement.

Kharishma claims that Gaoshoazen used her unreleased tracks without permission, prompting her to confront him about the matter. In response, Gaoshoazen reportedly reacted disrespectfully, exacerbating the rift between the two musicians.

Gaoshoazen denied Kharishma’s claims, stating that he signed with Open Mic Productions but hadn’t registered the specific songs in question. He argued that Kharishma’s producer committed copyright infringement by using her vocals on “Sekoloto” without alterations.

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The dispute between Gaoshoazen and Kharishma extends beyond the alleged copyright issues. In the past, the two musicians had collaborated on several songs, including “Malapi,” “Community,” “Matome,” and “Sekoloto.”

However, they have now released their own individual versions of “Sekoloto,” leaving fans torn between which rendition to support.

Adding fuel to the fire, artist ShebeShxt warned Kharishma about Gaoshoazen, calling him deceitful and claiming he signed with Open Mic Productions using her songs. ShebeShxt cautioned that using their recorded songs would have severe consequences for Gaoshoazen.

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Kharishma and Gaoshoazen in happier times.

As the feud continues to escalate, fans and industry insiders are closely watching the developments between Gaoshoazen and Kharishma.

The controversy over Kharishma’s unauthorized song use and the clash with Gaoshoazen’s version of “Sekoloto” raises questions about creative ownership and professional ethics in the music industry.

The fans eagerly await further updates and hope for an amicable resolution between Gaoshoazen and Kharishma.

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