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Heatwave Alert for Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga


The South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a heatwave alert for Limpopo, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga,

SAWS has urged residents of Gauteng, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga to prepare for a heatwave in the upcoming week in the high thirties.

The highest temperature in each province is expected to be 39 degrees, in Hammanskraal (Gauteng), Musina (Limpopo), and Musina (Mpumalanga).

The hot conditions are expected to persist until Friday, with residents advised to stay hydrated and to keep themselves in cooler area.

Meanwhile, Western Cape Agriculture MEC, Dr Ivan Meyer, has urged the agriculture sector to take the necessary measures to protect lives, livestock, crops and agricultural infrastructure amid the continued extreme heat and numerous veld fires across the province.

Meyer said his first concern is for agri-workers, producers and farmers, who are daily exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

“The department recognises the impact of climate change and disasters on the agricultural sector. The increase in both the frequency and intensity of disasters has necessitated the need for the department to focus on disaster risk reduction and mitigation strategies,” Meyer said.

The department said it will continue to work closely with district disaster management centres, including the provincial disaster management centre and organised agriculture, to ensure that farmers receive the necessary support when dealing with disasters.

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