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King Monada Harrased at His Residence

King Monada failed to show up at Madupa Lodge on Saturday, 10 February where he was scheduled to perform.

Monada was billed to perform at a Valentines pre-party in Madupa Lodge, situated in Bokhuta village, Tzaneen.

According to various sources this is the second time Monada pulls a no-show at Madupa Lodge. The show on Saturday was to compensate for the previous missed show in December.

Apologizing for his repeated no-show, King Monada expressed regret for disappointing his fans and said he couldn’t manage time.

“We sincerely apologize to our fans, and anyone concerned for not making it to the event as scheduled. we had many gigs to attend at various places and due to the distance and time constraints we were not able to make it,” the statement said.

In a surprising turn of events, King Monada has pointed fingers at Madupa Lodge owner, Mr. Peter Madupa, alleging that he drove to his residence accompanied by a group of intoxicated individuals who damaged his property.

“We do not appreciate the manner in which the issue was handled by Mr. Peter Madupa of Madupa Lodge, whom we held in high regard. Mr. Madupa drove to King Monada’s place with a truck full of passengers who seemed highly intoxicated. They intimidated and harassed King Monada and his family. They violated the freedom of security and damaged the property for the family.”

King Monada stated that he will be taking legal action against Madupa Lodge.

“The conduct is completely unacceptable, and we consider taking legal action to protect the right of Kind Modana and his family,” said the statement.


Meanwhile, the family of King Monada, has prevented the sheriff of the court from serving summons at the artist’s residence in Tzaneen.

This comes after Monoda failed to show up at Limpopo Legends Awards (LILAs) despite paying him a fee of R35,000.

Thobejane Incorporate who are pursuing legal action on behalf of LILAs against King Monada for his non-appearance at the LILAs, says that they obtained a summons at Ritavi Magistrate’s Court in Nkowankowa township after the artist refused to refund the appearance fee.

Thobejane explained that the sheriff attempted three times to deliver the summons to King Monada’s residence but was unsuccessful.

The sheriff contacted King Monada, who, upon realizing it was the sheriff, promptly ended the call.

Thobejane said the sheriff will attache the summons to King Monada’s gate, the artist has 10 business days to respond.

Failure to do so may lead a default judgment and an attachment order to seize movable assets, with the proceeds used to settle the owed amount.

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