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Makhadzi Tired of Cyberbullies Calling Her Ugly

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Makhadzi recently took to Instagram in a live session, addressing the relentless cyberbullying and body-shaming she has been enduring from anonymous trolls.

The multi-award-winning singer, celebrated for her musical talent, candidly shared her frustration with the negative comments targeting her physical appearance.

During the live broadcast, Makhadzi revealed the daily barrage of derogatory remarks she faces and expressed her exhaustion with the constant negativity.

While emphasising her self-acceptance, she questioned the motives behind the ongoing criticism, pointing out that it primarily originates from fake accounts rather than her loyal fan base.

“I ask myself a question – why are you saying this every day, and it’s not my fans, it’s people with fake accounts. My fans are shocked that you guys call me ugly because they see the beautiful me, and they know I love myself like that. They don’t see the ugliness that you are talking about, even my boyfriend gets shocked,” Makhadzi shared during the live session.

Makhadzi’s admirers affirmed their appreciation for her beauty and self-confidence, contrasting sharply with the negativity she encounters online.

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