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Nkosana Nkomo creates spiritual digital art.

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Nkosana Nkomo embodies many things in one. He is a spiritual being, an artist, music lover, nature and culture enthusiast.

His artistic interests dates back to elementary school were he started drawing in third grade and adapted the traditional pencil and paper mediums.

It wasn’t until he was in tertiary that he began to explore graphic designing. While studying he was given a Wacom tablet and that’s how he developed his interest in illustration and a passion in digital painting.

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What’s significant about calling or labelling yourself the Zulu illustrator

There is nothing significant about being a Zulu illustrator. My work transcends beyond being a Zulu, it’s wrong to say I am a “Zulu illustrator” where as my work speaks in many languages and customs.

I should definitely change it to Alkhebulanian illustrator to cover up for the masses. Don’t get me wrong I love everything about being a Zulu man who happens to be gifted in art.

How would you describe you work/art?

My work is of spirituality. It portrays different realms, times and spaces. It speaks, inspires, blesses and guides.

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Is there any specific meaning and or message?

My work is not much inspired, instead I am shown everything I have to portray by vision, whispers and dreams. From the impression of my audience, I’d say they receive messages from their ancestors through my art, some people get directed to my page by their ancestors to view a certain thing and get a revival of a message.

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There are many points as to why I do this kind of work, to put “African” tribes and cultures in the light that has been long deserved, there is so much beauty in our culture and spirituality and the best I can do is demonstrate it using my gift.

Tell us about Ezabxntu. What is it and what is it about?

Exabxntu is a textile and clothing brand that is still in development expected to launch next year. It’s really some exciting pieces put into this brand. I hope to shake the ground for international competitors with this one.

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