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Pienaars the Musical Cast Left in the Cold

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The talented cast of “Pienaars the Musical” from Limpopo, faces a troubling predicament as they find themselves without the promised accommodation during their scheduled performances at the State Theatre from the 9th to the 15th.

The cast approached the Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture, seeking assistance. MEC Nakedi Kekana adopted their cause after witnessing their outstanding performance at Piet Joubert School of Special Skills in Polokwane.

With high hopes and expectations, the Department pledged to support and provide accommodation for the 35 dedicated artists.

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According to a Facebook post by Jimmy Mohlala , the reality that unfolded left them in shock and discomfort.

“The department promised to assist and accommodate our cast of 35 artists. To our surprise, we finished our rehearsals late tonight and discovered that there is no accommodation available. The team is sleeping in the corridors on this cold Pretoria night. Now, the MEC and the Chief Director for Arts and Culture, Vero Mokgonyana, are not answering our calls.”

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The distressed cast members now find themselves in dire straits, and they are calling upon the people of Limpopo to be aware of the situation and the department’s unfulfilled promises.

The Department is yet to respond

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